2 Year Transformation


Top right to left

Purple: Sting Rey Classic Apr 2013, 2nd place 112 lbs

White: Paradise Cup Nov 2013, 6th place, 125 lbs

Blue (top left): Sting Rey Classic Apr 2014, 1st place 120 lbs

Blue (Bottom right): Pittsburgh Championships 2014, 7th place 117 lbs

Red: Paradise Cup 2014, (no placing… my bikini broke) 130 lbs

Blue (bottom left): Jay Cutler Desert Classic 2015, 8th place 128 lbs

My placings have varied and I participated in the Cutler and the Paradise Cup sick but still decided to compete.  But one thing that remains true, regardless of my placings, I am always improving and happy to bring a better package to each show. Always winning!

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