My Approach to Nutrition


So… you’ve probably tried every trick in the book and spent hundreds (I’ve spent thousands) on trying different supplements and protein shakes.   Starving aka fasting, the lemonade cleanse, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, juicing, no carb, paleo, and even the newer fad diets like the all fruit HC2 diet or the 6 meals a day, bodybuilding-meal prep consistent of bland repetitive carb cycling with sweet potatoes, brown rice, chicken breast and tilapia.  I’ve tried them ALL!  And the thing is that they all work.  Every single one of them!  So you look great in that bikini for a month, then the weight comes back on after all those beers you drank at the sand bar, and the ramen and sushi you’ve been loading up on is more carbs than normal.


So how do you keep those abs?  If you’ve been a competitor, you know what it takes to get to those low body fat percentages.  But how do you keep iy?  The truth is… it’s really hard to stay low body fat year round, and it’s probably not healthy for you.  The key is to find a happy medium where you are happy with your body and still feel healthy. Depending on how you get to where you were, will determine how you will be able to maintain it.  If you crash diet and go no carb and prep for a show in 4 weeks, you will have to maintain that amount of calories to maintain that weight.  And chances are you are starving and hungry and after the show can’t wait to shove your face with Buffalo Wild Wings, pizza, burgers and Cheese Cake Factory.  (I like cinnabon and oreos.)


I can start clients out with high carb plans to fit their goals.  I don’t need to jump them into a 6 meal plan with ultra healthy foods.  Chances are if they are not use to eating clean like that, they will not enjoy it, thus failure is a high probability.  There are ways to get in shape without eating brown rice and spinach all day.  I personally like to practice flexible dieting.  But this can become tedious, as you have to count your calories on a daily basis with a “My Fitness Pal” application on a smart phone or device.  With flexible dieting you are allocated x amount of calories fat/protein/carbs for the day and there are no restrictions on what you can eat.  Finding those magic numbers and adjusting accordingly can be a trial and error process and can go much faster if you have an experienced nutritionist.  People who tend to like to snack or eat a little unhealthy, this type of plan is for them.  This is my personal favorite type of dieting, but it takes some time to learn and I recommend it for advanced dieters that can easily understand how to find their macros.  I love those high carb days also when I can have some extra sorbet, or froyo and p28 protein bread peanut butter banana and honey sandwiches.  After IIFYM dieting I have a better understanding of what is going into my body and what types of portions I should eat.  If someone is over eating, this is a good way to learn portions.

I recently gained 10 lbs in a weekend when I was sick and tried (as recommended by a friend and nutritionist) intermittent fasting.  I quickly lost 10 lbs within 72 hours.  This was a quick solution, but not recommended for long term dieting, as you can easily lose muscle mass.   There are different ways of doing IF, and this is splitting your fasting times with your feeding times according to your needs, wants and goals.  I thoroughly enjoyed this type of diet because I didn’t have to get up and prep or think about what I’m going to eat.  I sleep a lot during the day and mornings, esp. when I was sick, so I could rest during the fast stage, then eat a lot when I get up and go back to sleep.  This personally worked at this time, but if I had to work high intensity work outs, it may have been really hard to workout fasted, then eat after.  I’ve done my share of fasted cardio, but never do weight training on an empty stomach personally.  If I don’t eat before a workout, I feel pretty weak and unable to get a solid workout in.  During IF, GH levels are spiked, stored fat is burned and sensitivity to insulin and leptin is increased. It increases your ability to become keto adaptive and burn more fat.  I went from puffy to abs in 5 days.  I’d share the pics, but I took personal ones for myself that I cannot share with the world, as I am not wearing clothes. (:


I’ve tried juice diets.  In college, I did the master cleanse for 11 days and lost a lb. a day.  And I drank nothing but naked juice for 2 weeks and chia seed meal replacement bars and also lost 1 lb. a day.  These types of diets were full of sugar and carbs, but I still lost a lot of weight.  If this is something that appeals to you, then try it.  However, I do not recommend it long term.  You will lack certain vitamins you need for vital health. Supplementation is highly recommended.  This is great for a 1-2 week crash diet.  There is a new HC2 all fruit diet I am yet to try.  I’ve seen really great results from a lot of friends in the Honolulu area.  On the off season, I can’t wait to try this diet in the fall!  I love to share my personal experience with clients before recommending things to them.


For competition prep, I’ve been brain washed that the 6 meal prep is the only way to get lean.   I’ve cut carbs, done keto (no grains and under 50 g of carbs purely from vegetables) and done carb cycling as well.  At the end of the day you are hungry, grouchy, tired, can’t think, and it’s a disaster.  I personally get chronic bronchitis because I am an ex smoker for over 15 years.  The second I cut carbs and up my cardio, my body is under stress and my immunity drops and I’m sick for two weeks with bronchitis.  This is why I am determined to find alternative solutions to diet.  I got lean fast and looked great on stage, even with the codeine and antibiotics shots and coughing backstage all over everyone.   As soon as I re-introduce carbs back into my diet… the fluff is back IMMEDIATELY. 10 lbs within a week.   I would recommend this if you have a limited time to get to a certain weight for a show or a photo shoot or a set date or event.  A crash diet if you will… but the best way is to plan ahead of time and give yourself a healthy time to ease into slow weight loss, so that you can maintain it.  Don’t get me wrong.  This works for most people because you cook a lot at once and eat consistently and for people that don’t want to take the time to play with their diet, this can prove to be beneficial and work for them.  I have had clients do wonderful on this plan because they enjoy eating lean and clean and carrying around their meals everywhere they go.  But I have had clients miserably fail because they want to eat everything else not on the plan.  This is a good introduction to eating clean so when you try other diets, you have a good understanding of portions and what kind of foods to choose and include in your diet.  I personally hated this diet because it restricts what you can eat.  The same foods repetitively get boring.  And it’s hard to carry around food and have a social life.  If you want to go to the beach or on the boat, you have to pack your meals for the day and keep it cold.  When everyone else is going out to eat, you can’t go because you have meal prep.  As a highly sociable person, this got boring to me and I missed going out.  I’d rather go out to Nobu with my friends and order a plate of sashimi and pick at that and enjoy myself.


Recently I have been studying macrobiotics and clean eating, as I have a new client with cancer.  YES… I do not know everything there is to know about nutrition. If i need to, I read up and do research.  The possibilities in nutrition are endless.    Foods are crucial to the nutrition delivered to our bodies.  You are what you eat. When eating for physique we often consider carbs, protein and fat and amount of calories we are consuming.  We may be obtaining the physique we desire, but not getting enough nutrients our bodies need.  I take Lifepak Nano a supplement from a company called Nu Skin.  They own the patent to a multi million dollar technology called the biophotonic scanner. Within minutes, with a non-invasive hand scan, the machine can scan your antioxidant levels.  I have seen the majority (75%+) fail in the two lower areas, which indicates low antioxidant levels.  The first time I scanned, I scanned in the middle.  After taking the supplements at half the recommended dosage, I scanned in the higher area.  I quit taking the supplements for quite some time, but was on a high vegetable diet.  After rescanning, I still scanned in the high area, proving that eating a high vegetable diet is good for your antioxidant levels, and good supplementation can replace that in your diet. I was also surprised at the amount of people taking lots of supplements that was doing nothing for their antioxidant levels.  If you want to learn more about antioxidants and free radicals explained you can look at this link.  Cancer occurs when there is too much oxidation and not enough antioxidants in our bodies.  SO… if you are eating burgers and fries and not enough berries and fresh vegetables, you may be able to maintain your physique, but you are not giving your body the fuel it needs to heal and refuel.  I had a very healthy breakfast with some berries and watermelons with my eggs.  But I’m eating pizza right now while I type this.  I find a healthy balance and I don’t feel guilty for indulging.


Eating clean doesn’t always mean boring.  I LOVE to cook so putting together great recipes that make your diet time fun is great.  There are certain foods I love to eat while dieting.  Greek yoghurt, fresh fruits, fat free cottage cheese, skim milk, coconut milk, low fat ricotta, non fat Lifetime cheese from Whole Foods and fresh mozzarella to name a few.  Use healthier oils like coconut olive and sesami oil.  Use Nuts and More peanut butter, which is lower in fat and carbs and higher in protein.  Eat p28 bread which is low in carbs (9 g)  and higher n protein vs. regular bread which can range from 20 -30 g of carbs per SLICE.  Buy cuts of meat and dairy products lower in fat.  Learn to make the switch to healthier choices.  I even love to cook with butter, even though it is high in fat, I use smaller portions.   I love to make healthy pizzas on low carb wraps with fresh mozzarella and lots of fresh veggies.  Canadian bacon is low in fat and a great alternative to breakfast egg white sandwiches.  I  have a special shrimp fried rice with asparagus and coconut oil recipe my friends all love.  Fresh soups with fresh herbs are great.  And fish tacos are one of my favorites as well.  I love going to the fish market and finding an import on something i really love like blue fin or hirame or deals on red snapper or branzino.  I also love making lettuce butter cup wrapped bison burgers and Jalapeño bbq turkey burgers.  Try cooking with fresh thai chili peppers, basil in your fried rice, mint in your cucumber, spinach, pineapple protein shake, or truffle olive oil for a little more flavor.  I tend to make my own dressings.  Once I made seared salmon.  With the left over oil, I put 1 T of olive oil, 2 T Braggs apple cider vinegar, 1 packet of truvia and 1/8 c. orange mango juice.  I let it carmelized and sprinkled it over the crunchy salmon with skin and a bed of fresh spinach and mandarin oranges.  Get creative with your recipes.  Read labels and get familiar with what you are putting in your body.  You can learn to cook great healthy recipes.  I’m not much of a quinoa cooker, but my roommate made quinoa for me once with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and bullion and chopped up chicken breast.  It was great stuff!

Shakes?  There are sooooo many out there to choose from.  If you are unfamiliar with them, read a label and get the advice of a nutritionist.  If there is one that you specifically like, find a plan to implement them in it.  I find them great esp. for the busy person that needs to get their protein in.  Me, personally, I love Nutracore and Intek because they are ultra low in fat and carbs and very high in protein and the flavor is amazing.  But everyone has their own preference.  There are also differences in the way soy, whey and egg proteins all work in the bodies.  Find which one works best for you.

Pick a diet… any diet.  But pick one that works for YOU!

The key to creating a diet plan is to find out what you like and what works for you and staying consistent.  Do you like to eat clean?  Do you like cooking your own meals?  Do you like flexibility?  Do you want a plan that is consistent day to day with your favorite foods? What is your approach to diet?  I want to listen to what your wants, needs and goals are and create something that you can stick with, obtain your goals and see results!  Remember… not everyone’s bodies are the same.  What may work for you, may not work for the next person.   I want to maintain abs and a pro booty… what are your goals?



My Inspiration

 Janet Layug



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