Kristie Manning was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has been a Personal Trainer since 2008 and Nutritionist since 2011.  She has worked actively in the night life scene, and modeling since 2000.   She writes a blog that covers a variety of subjects including (but not limited to) health and fitness, at  She studied Fashion Design at IADT for 2 years and currently is pursuing a B.A. in fashion merchandising (marketing) and fashion media and journalism at the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco.  She also enjoys competing in NPC shows and is a Nationally Qualified competitor.  Her first show, at the Sting Rey Classic 2013, Kristie placed 2nd place, losing by one point in tie breaker mode. A year later, she returned to take first in her category.  She is currently a member of Team Bombshell, based out of Daytona, Florida, under the guidance of Olympia Competitor IFBB Gennifer Strobo.  She enjoys the satisfaction gained  from helping others obtain their personal fitness and life goals, which is why she has decided to focus her career full time on personal training in 2012.  Kristie also enjoys volleyball, travel, Bikram, MMA, snorkeling, swimming, and hiking as other activities.  Her goal as a trainer is to “provide a fun and effective way to improve the overall quality of life for every one of my clients.”  

“There are a lot of trainers out there since the entry point is low.  I got my license in 2008 initially as a hobby because the entry point was so cheap.  I only paid $400.  This low entry point creates an increase in under qualified trainers.  It wasn’t until 2011 after I was much more experienced that I decided to become a personal trainer.  I began at a young age playing volleyball and running track and my family took aikido.  I played sports with the boys in the neighborhood and swam laps daily.  Surf was a regular part of Hawaii life as well.  As I got older I got into weight training.  I needed a hobby and something to do during the day so I started going to the gym alone.  Bikram, crossfit and bodybuilding all became a regular part of my exercise routines as friends introduced me to new fitness programs.  My education has come from working with many talented trainers and workout partners from bodybuilder champions, to MMA and BJJ fighters, renowned nutritionists, professional gymnasts, Navy Seals, Mr Olympia, several IFBB bikini pros, IFBB Figure Olympia Competitor Gennifer Strobo with Team Bombshell, International fitness programs and I even had some workout partners from the Lanikai Canoe Club.  The diversity in workout partners and exposure to multiple workout programs has given me a diverse outlook on fitness.”

“Fitness has taught me so much more than just getting in shape.  There has to be a balance in life.  Too much fun or too much work can be detrimental to your mindset, your physical health and even your personal relationships.  Finding that balance is important to me and guiding others on their path… this is what I find most rewarding. The key is balance.  Taking away all the enjoyable things is not what I try to do.  I try to help my clients find a balance that they feel good about without going over board.  At one point in my life, I was a heavy social drinker.  One day, I learned to replace that addiction with weight training. That became my new high.  It feels good and my mind is clearer and my intentions become succinct.  I started off like everyone else, struggling with discipline.  The more you practice at something, the better you get at it, and this translates into all areas of your life.  If I can enlighten others to the happiness I have found in my lifestyle changes, then my job is done.  Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”   Kristie Manning


Model/Acting/Promo Experience

Digital Magic
Look Magazine
Ikena Dupont and Big Tease
Easy Rider’s Magazine
Phragile Clothing
UH Magazine
My TV Jamz
Pop Warner
Area51 Productions
Maze Nightclub
Hush Boutique Nightclub
Temptation Productions
My Evolution Music (Hollywood)
Pyramids Nightclub
X1 Fights (Ring Girl)
Way Gone Laser Tattoo
Black Tie Productions Maui
North Shore Surf Photos
Cherbu Cosmetics
Cupid Dating
LUXE events @ the Trump Intl.
BEAUTIFUL events @ Pearl Ultra Lounge w Russell Tanoue
Bruno Talledo
Ryan Kerns
Marlowe Holt
Vince Cavataio
Brad Peebles
Paul Kusaba
JT Gray
Dom’s Lite Photography
Clay Valverde
Bob Coello the Art of Women
John Garcia
Kenneth Dolan

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